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'Based on a true story' Asger Carlsen's series is a haunting and disturbing perspective of the everyday.

In some cases subtly surreal and in other blatantly blasted with a dystopian hallucinations, the series is visionary and original.

By employing a traditional black and white palette, Wrong peers past reality into a parallel existence.

The series is more then appropriate during a time in which there has been lobbying and calls to label beguilingly photoshopped advertorials with warnings. Through using the same mechanisms and tools of the trade, Wrong has broke through the looking-glass into a parallel visual culture, opposing our present perception of hyper-reality and constructed beauty.

Dark and humorous, the absurdity and distortion of Wrong is a satirical travesty of photographic culture as the ultimate simulator and the simulacrum.

Limited Edition of 1000

90 Pages
22 X 22 cm

ISBN: 978-1-907071-22-5


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