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'Jonnie came to me recommended by Ryan McGinley so my Þrst thoughts were "Oh this better be good. On his first job for the magazine I made him get a bunch of his friends nude and run around the centre of London at night, in the middle of Autumn. He got photos of them all naked in Trafalgar Square Fountain, being chased by security and having a homeless guy wave his penis at them. He nailed it. Jonnie's photos have a great sense of mischief and adventure in them, which separates them from a lot of other contemporary art photography'

Andy Capper, Vice Editor

Limited Edition of 50

24 Pages
14.8 X 21cm

ISBN: 978-1-907071-06-5


Publisher specialising in limited edition Photo and Art Books.

We view the book as the final step in an artists process, and encourage the artist to engage in the conception, design and feel of the book.

Having worked on the book closely with the artist we feel it is only right we also keep a close relationship with bookshops.

Occasionally our books can be bought with special editions.


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