Automated Photography


For the past twenty years, photographers have been integrating images produced autonomously by machines into their work. We witness a paradigm shift in the process of creating photography: From photographic capture in the strict sense to appropriation, automated and computational practices, which respond to a conception of space that is less and less built on the equivalence between the human eye and the machine.

The project is in-between theoretical and applied research: while it is necessary to contextualize the changes introduced by automation into a broader history of photography and visual culture, as well as into a theoretical reflection on the automated image, it is also essential to produce a tangible and factual understanding of their technical and aesthetic challenges. By combining an analytical and theoretical approach with a reflection resulting from the practical confrontation with these technical devices, the project aims to take advantage of the crossroads of these different fields. The synthesis is based on a practical approach (by applying these technologies), an aesthetic approach (by analysing the visual qualities of these devices and their creative potential) and a theoretical approach (by placing the practical results in a cultural, social and political context). 

Milo Keller
Claus Gunti
Florian Amoser 

Joël Vacheron

Emmanuel Alloa, Florian Amoser, Yung Su, Ann-Christin Bertrand, EstelleBlaschke, Marco de Mutiis, Claus Gunti, Milo Keller, Clément Lambelet, Boris Magrini, Simone C Niquille, Felix Stalder &
Anne-Katrin Weber


Morehshin Allahyari, Nora Al-Badri,Ariel Caine, Alan Butler, Paolo Cirio, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Lauren Huret, Lisa Messeri, Fabien Siouffi, Jules Spinatsch, Jon Uriarte, Alan Warburton

Florian Amoser, Sara Bastai, Emidio Battiapaglia, Emma Bedos, Simone C Niquille, Alexey Chernikov, Gaël Corboz, Nikolai Frerichs, Gohan Keller, Philipp Klak, Augustin Lignier, Valentin Woeffray

343 Pages 
20 X 25 cm 
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ISBN 978-2-9701451-0-3
ISBN 978-1-907071-88-1