No Olho da Rua (In the Eye of the Street)

No Olho da Rua (In the Eye of the Street) was started 1995 by Julian Germain (UK), Patricia Azevedo and Murilo Godoy (BR). The three artists put basic plastic point and shoot cameras into the hands of 50 street children & young people living chaotic lives on the margins of society. The idea was to give them freedom to independently make their own pictures, of anything they wanted, where and when they chose. A unique photographic archive has been accumulated, of approximately 15,000 negatives as well as some audio recordings, interviews, writing and video. Over the ensuing years a few of them have moved off the street to a more stable life, but several have disappeared, others are in prison and many have have died from illness, injury or violence. No Olho da Rua does not offer its participants much by way of social assistance but it has provided them with a photographic record of their lives, with memories of their kids and friends, with an enhanced sense of their own identity and value, and with visibility.

20% of each zine will be returned to the community.