Chris Shaw


"Last of louche ,last of the lament for lost lovers, last of the Smokey"

soholondon is Chris Shaw's second book with Mörel.

We asked Chris if he would like to do a book for Off Print Paris on Thursday afternoon and sent it to print on Friday morning... hopefully we'll have it ready and in Paris next week... 

In each series Shaw brings his unique approach to his subjects, shooting with great intensity, carefully hand-printing his black and white photographs, and hand-writing his (often humorous) titles around the borders of the image. Speaking about his work Shaw has said: ‘For me, photography is a very dirty and rough process; and stains, marks, blurs, rough edges, writing, are all a part of it…it’s about the physical connection, which photographers don’t really have any more…’ adding, ‘it’s 
Night Porter – not Ansel Adams!’

Limited Edition of 150

44 Pages 
21 X 29.7 mm

ISBN: 9781907071690