These images document creativity beyond functionality, transforming what lurks beneath the multiple surfaces initial intentions into new aesthetic artworks.

The images bring to mind the works of New Realists Jacques Villeglé and Mimmo Rotella yet in this case flattening the images into a single surface reducing the duality of the posters - that of their consumerist purpose and the new echos of anti capitalism in the torn posters.

Under the creative direction of artist and designer, Sarah Boris, the pages are screen printed onto blue back coloured paper, in the same way as the images captured. They are packaged into an envelope that must be torn in order to free the book. The book includes a poem written by Parisian based poet, play writer and translator, Adelaide Pralon. Each page of the book is loose and can be disseminated, reassembled or even displayed as individual artworks. All this gives a performative aspect to the book where the boundaries between editor, viewer, curator are all entwined to become one.

DÉCHIRÉ is sold on a tiered pricing system: 

1-50 @ £35
51-75 @ £50 etc
76-100 @ £60
100 etc

Limited Edition of 300

ISBN: 9781907071737

32 Pages 
247 X 369 mm
0.3 kg