The Yellow Wallpaper


Cover art work by Jan Melka

"Charlotte Perkins Gilman once said that The Yellow Wallpaper was ‘not intended to drive people crazy, but to save people from being driven crazy.’ Her seminal book criticised the popular diagnosis of female hysteria that she also fell victim to and was central to the progression of gender equality during the nineteenth century.

Although she harbored xenophobic views and wrote disparaging papers on  race and class divides, her contribution to the feminist movement was immense and her work in this field is still widely praised to this day.

From our respective isolation, Sendb00ks and Mörel have teamed up to republish this special edition alongside haunting artwork by French-American artist Jan Melka. A not-so-subtle reminder to stay as mentally active as possible in these unprecedented times."

Gemma Janes from sendb00ks


Every month at Sendb00ks collaborate with an artist to send out a unique art work as well as a carefully selected work of literature.
With simple gestures sendb00ks hope to encourage discussions and conversations
And to take a small step away from the transient digital world into the world of words and print.


Limited Edition of 200

Co-published with sendb00ks

40 Pages 
108 x 149 cm
cover artwork by Jan Melka

ISBN: 9781907071782