William Blake/Patti Smith


PRICE ON REQUEST (it's not really €1,000,000)

Songs Of Innocence & Experience

Printed on 100 year old paper from copper plates on a 19th century Star Wheel press with historical pigments (linseed oil, bone ash etc) this is the closest you could ever get to owning an original William Blake!

Blake would have offered his friends and clients the "songs" wrapped in a larger sheet of paper, just as these are. We've left the poems as such - as it echoes down over 200 years of self-published culture, right tnto the heart of 20th century rebellious-subculture zines .

On that note - we got Godmother of Punk Patti Smith to photograph a life mask she owned of her idol William Blake - and each box set comes with one of two original photographic prints - of course signed by Patti Smith on the back of the print.

The 30 poems and photographic print come cased in a protective archival box.

Blakes Printing Method with Michael Phillips: video

Limited Box Set of 30 copies

30 Printed Plates
1 Photographic Print (8"x10") signed
Archival Box