"In 2015 and 2016 I spent a lot of time walking in the morning, up and down the hills in Los Angeles, sometimes listening to the city and other times listening to news radio on my phone, always looking for things to photograph or maybe just observe before returning to the studio. There I’d stop the voices - the voices reading the news, my own voice in my head - with music, and for the rest of the day I would paint what I had felt and seen (or what I felt I’d seen). Over the next two years, back in London and then New York, my morning walks have continued - and have become essential moments out of time, when the world seems to be burning and collapsing around me. These works are the result of my walks in a time of upheaval - and in this sense they reflect a practice of paying attention to the here and now, but also refracting the present through a process of reflection that acknowledges past happiness and fears future catastrophe."

Nick Waplington


Limited Edition of 1000

160 Pages 
230 X 330 mm
With acetate screen printed dust jacket 

ISBN: 9781907071713