Scarlett Carlos Clarke



The Smell of Calpol on a Warm Summer's Night
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Bathing in the blue light of advertising’s stylised plenitude, the Madonna and child are re-imagined in a suburban living room, sunk into a plush leather armchair as the sticky panacea of strawberry-pink paracetamol lingers in the air. 

The Smell of Calpol on a Warm Summer's Night blurs the line between reality and fiction. Framed like paintings, each image is a cinematic tableau of Suburbia, with a warm glow of neon light reminiscent of hazy evenings spent in front of TV screens. Carlos Clarke presents a glance into others' living rooms and domestic environments, offering an eerie portrayal of twilight. 

Edition of 300
24 Pages, 8 images
36 x 28 cm, landscape
ISBN 978-1-917282-01-7

About the Artist
Scarlett Carlos Clarke (b. London 1992) is a photographer living and working in the UK. She has exhibited across Europe and the US, including her debut solo show at Cob Gallery, London (2021): The Smell of Calpol on a Warm Summer’s Night. She has produced editorial content for Dazed & Confused, AnOther, iD, and W Magazine, and has directed music videos.