Senta Simond


Born in Geneva, Senta Simond lives and works in Paris. She is represented by Webber (New York/ London).

Introducing music into her work for the first time, in “Dissonance” she proposes a visual and sonic dialogue between two young women who have never met: a Ukrainian dancer and an Irish harpist. Focusing on intimate close-ups and oblique angles, she creates an enigmatic, sensual, often hypnotic work that invites us to immerse ourselves in the scene.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition / Publié à l’occasion de l’exposition: “Senta Simond, Dissonance”

Maison européenne de la photographie, Paris
14.12.2023 - 11.02.2024
Co-published by MEP, Paris & MÖREL, London

In the press

"There’s something amazingly honest about Senta Simond’s work. In both her fashion imagery and personal projects, the Swiss artist explores the bodies of her female subjects from every angle, often assuming a vantage point so close or awkward that it teeters on the edge of uncomfortable. Given her prospecting style, Simond’s portraits could easily feel intrusive, yet they somehow never do. Perhaps this is because she approaches her practice with gentle curiosity that strips away any pretence, grasping a raw sort of truth in her subjects – a vulnerability – that could only really be offered up through a mutual state of trust."

Orla Brennan for AnOther Magazine, 'Senta Simond's Portraits Capture an Intimate Collaboration of Strangers'