Virginia Woolf / Bella Newman


Kew Gardens was the first publication to propel The Hogarth Press from a dining room hobby into a publishing enterprise. Virginia and Leonard Woolf hand stitched all one hundred and fifty copies of the first edition from their house in 1919 while Virginia’s sister, Vanessa Bell, designed the original cover. Woolf was no stranger to spending long periods of time alone at home overlooking Kew Gardens, reflecting on her immediate surroundings and the natural world beyond it.

Our cover artist Bella Newman, who is currently isolating at her family home in the countryside of Pennsylvania, shares both Woolf’s affinity with nature and her keen focus on women in her work. This small book remains an inspiring example of how loneliness and isolation can be transmuted into a deep connection with the universal human experience that makes writing and sharing it so timeless and powerful. The stories give a sense of interconnectedness between humans and the natural world that offers relief, solace and hope at a time when this relationship feels more fractured than ever.



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Limited Edition of 250

Co-published with sendb00ks

40 Pages 
108 x 149 cm
cover artwork by Bella Newman

ISBN: 9781907071829